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Sunday, February 1, 2009


Something about space and planets has always been very interesting to me.  I use to love going to the planetarium  more than anything in elementary school.  To night as I was driving home from Kaitlin's at about midnight, I noticed the moon was very low in the sky, and very orange.  I drove out a bit into the country and looked at it for a while.
Then I headed home and had the urge to look up into the sky again.  I leaned in over my steering wheel, and my eyes instantly found a shooting star.  I wished on it.  I felt it was there for me.
I could have sworn I even heard the star whizz by me.
I drove home and around my side of town for about 30 minutes trying to find a place I could see the moon from but I couldn't get high enough.
I just really love space and night--borderline morning.
I fell like part of me goes to sleep and the essence of me can come out.  I always feel more at peace late at night that I do during the day.  maybe thats why I am such a night owl.  I wrote a huge journal entry about it once.  I said I felt like after my brain and body shut down, I was left with my only my spirit awake.

That probably seems really weird to a lot of people, because I tend to think in a very metaphoric way and at a very rapidly pace, so it's hard for me to hold on to a thought long enough to put it in terms other people can understand.
Maybe thats why I like Bright Eyes so much.  I feel like he writes the way I think.

I miss Idaho, Amy Doll, Porter Park, Maximilian, and Summer Nights.
Pretty much everything I do, see, or expierence reminds me of one of the above.
I love Pinkerton, and church, and Kaitlin and my family.
I am lucky to have two cities, so far away, and that I can call both Home.
I'm glad I got to go away for college.
I'm glad I finally decided to get over myself and grow up.
And I'm happy that summer 08 happened the way it did, even though I was not happy through most of it.

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