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Sunday, February 1, 2009


So, I'm just at home. alone. waiting for the girl who watched Pinkerton this weekend to bring her back.  so i wont be alone.  I have charlotte and oliver but it's not the same...
She's 20 minutes late.  Maybe I am a paranoid person...
I was late to church today....whoops.
I got my calling.  
I missed my stastaining. 
(sorry I don't know how to spell it... I can't say it either.)
Kristen Welker however was kind enough to tell me i got a calling though after Sacrament meeting was done.  I did already know becuase my father, the bishop of the 5th ward, had told me about it and told me to be on time to get stastained.
I went to sunday school with the missionaries.  We learned about agency and the lords plan for us.
My mom found the GC Ensign for me, and I started reading it today.  

The people who have stinky just called and are going to being her by soon--I have been touched by an angel.

I think I'm going to start painting while I am home and work on poetry and guitar and everything.  
It's not seasonal depression, it's more like locational.
I miss Idaho, I miss having friends, I miss the spirit of ricks.

I hope I don't marry someone who needs to be away from home a lot, because I don't know how well I could handle that.  I do know that if he does I'm going to need a lot of dogs.
It's mostly being home alone with nothing to do that drives me crazy.  I've gotten a lot lot lot better at being alone, it's just having down time that I still can't seem to handle.  I need rules and guidelines and due dates and projects.
I need to have something to do. 


Amy Doll said...


We had that lesson last week in the investigator class! HINT: The next week's lesson will be about The Creation.

If you could get here, I would make sure you stayed here forever. You could meet Katie and all the people from singles branch and all the investigators! They're great!

I love you. I miss you. I'm proud of you.

christineleigh said...

what's your calling??