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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Cleaning my room is an endless task, when married with with packing,  last hours that turn into days and bleed into weeks... Nothing is going to get my down though because I get to go back to Idaho in 6 days and have lots of good things between here and there.
-April 3rd (manyana) is my class party with my primary girls :)
-April 4th is not only Heath Ledger's (ex)birthday, and when we have the missionaries, but also is the kick off for conference!
-April 5th is conference round two
-April 6th is final pack, clean, and organize day
-April 7th is my lesson on journaling for Achievement
-April 8th I bounce.

I have a ridiculous amount of stuff, but the problem is i really love it and a lot of it I have collected from other people and other times in my life.  People call me  a pack rat, and it might be true, but I don't take stuff just to have stuff.  I like it because it reminds me of my friends and my history and all the places I have been and there people who went there with me.  I have clothes from friends, pictures of relatives I've never met, papers from elementary school--cleaning has really been more of a trip into my memory, to all the places I have loved and hated.  To all the places that made me.

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