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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I was reading more in eat, pray, love today while i was loading the dish washer, and Liz was talking about writing in her most private notebook she uses when she is having a really hard time.  I had an idea that I think is pretty neat and I wanted to get some feedback on.  Sometimes I get so excited about ideas that i can't really judge them very well.  I told amy and kaitlin right away so it's probably not worth even writing here, but i know some other people read this from time to time. 

I think it would be cool to all get a notebook that we can write all our heart ache in and pain and hard things from summer 09.  Nothing too personal or too deep so that it won't be sad to loose it, because I think on the last day we are all still in town we should get together and have a bon fire and burn it all.
get rid of it.
and move on. 

I know that life takes care of things like this on it's own, but I've always liked concrete things to symbolize progress and help me have a concrete memory.

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christineleigh said...

That's a rad idea. Way to be symbolic.