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Sunday, November 9, 2008

I have never been so Happy to see a week go...

This week has been far from amazing, but still managed to have its amazing points.   First of all, I spent a good majority of the week in the library studying for chemistry--i love chemistry, but everything gets old eventually.
Regardless of bad grades on math tests, eating candy until I feel sick (because of bad grades on math tests), and loads of homework, this week still made it into the list of best weeks ever--a close second to the week I discovered Bloon Defence towers 3.
I though things were going to settle down after I took my chemistry test--73%, holla (thats ten percent better than i did on the last one,) but that was just the catalyst to one of the blackest saturdays in the life of Katherine Ann Fleming.
After blowing off Makana's v-ball game (sorry Makana) to return faulty airsoft guns to wal-mart, discovering the credit card machine was down, Amy not being able to exchange her gun, and Trevor calling me to tell me that there were even more complications with nashville nights things looked about as low as they could get.  That was before i discovered Pinky had once again died, and that Zuzu was getting sick again.
Hugs in the car have always been on the list of things I avoid--the awkwardness trumps and affection that would usually be associated--but when it's from Amy and after I have been crying you realize they really are not all that bad.
Needles to say, I got myself to the kirkum, got through sound-checks, and eventually got through Nashville Nights with out too many bumps other than the Seagulls--a band who covered an Eagles song, and they thought they WERE the Eagles, you know what I'm sayin'?...'Nuff saud.
After Nashville Nights Shiela took me and my sister to Wal-Mart to try and get our car resurrected so we could at least let it lay dormant on our driveway.  Makana and his crew showed up, and Makana asked me how I was holding up and when I told him not very well he gave me a hug.  I really love how much easier it is to deal with the hard things in life when your friends will support you though them,  and i really just love hugs from Makana.
The final straw happened in the Horkley's parking lot.... Saturday November 08th 2008 was a long day... 'Nuff said.

How Blessed I am that, taking all of these things into consideration, I can still say "Katherine is having the best week ever!"  These are the things that made that possible:

10:  Preston Letting me Shoot Him With my Airsoft Gun.
9: Snuggle Parties on the Couch after a looong day.  (sometimes you just need that.)
8: Amy Doll Getting her P.B. (hard copy).
7: Grind.
6: American Mall.
5: Adam Brody Marathons.
4: New Friends from Provo.
3: Getting MAD Street Cred. (even if it was not from the most enjoyable source)
2: Having a Pet Cat (even if it was for 3 minutes.)
1:  Knowing that Even Though we are Miles Apart; The Things That Have Happened This Weeked Will Bond us for Life.

Just another great week at BYU-Idaho.


benkeamy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
benkeamy said...

I removed the last one because I thought of something different that I wanted to say.
The last one just said "I love Taffrine!" which of course is still true.

Dear Taffrine,
I love you. You have grown so much while you've been here. I know this semester has been really rough in a way that was different from how summer 08 was really rough. Summer 08 we mostly caused our own problems but this semester you've been hit time after time with stuff that was out of your control. Like if Christine and her roommates would come and shoot us with air soft guns while we were sitting in the living room watching The OC. That's what this semester has been like.
But gurl! Look at the progress you've made since fall 07! Who would have thought we would have started going to devo every week and actually reading our scriptures at night?! And your study habits are the envy of scholars everywhere. You have grown.
I'm so glad you're my roommate and best friend. You have made me want to change. For the better.

Amy Doll