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Monday, December 22, 2008

So while I was sitting on the couch--not even the couch.  While I was sitting on the love seat, I realized I was really bored: It was then that I remembered this thing called "second life" that Zach told me about; however, this entry is not about second life--sorry sac, it does look pretty cool.  This entry is about elder syddall. :)
So apparently to actually USE second life, you have to like register, and make an avatar, and activate your account through some e-mail they send you. I know!  ridiculous.  So, while I was trying to do this I discovered I had an e-mail from Taylor Syddall!  Yea, I mean who knew?!  I could have e-mailed him this whole time.  I didn't even know you could e-mail missionaries, but i e-mailed him last night, and i already heard back!  Take that snail mail!


Amy Doll said...

Oh lucky!
I want to e-mail Elder Taylor Syddall!
Tell me how I can! It can be my Christmas present.

Taffrine! said...

you just e-mail him. like you would e-mail your mom or teacher. his address in on his facebook group profile. its like or something. but don't quote me on that.