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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


There was this fad that went around facebook
no not bumper stickers.  
thats not a fad it's a passtime
like tennis 
or video games. 

This fad was a one way ticket into one's heart and soul
via 25 fast facts.
and no piano.

i love love love stuff like this
like making lists
and the vainness of getting to write about myself is unfortunately rather appealing... 

And so it begins...

1.  I was born without a healthy fear of strangers.  I like people so I talk to them.  I think everyone is worth getting to know, they just aren't all worth keeping up with.  There are too many genuine characters in the world to waste script on posers.
2. I think art is what kept us alive.  If one thing has bridged the cultural gap, age gap, and every-other gap in existence:  it has been art.
3. I want to go to the Hoosier State.... I also want to know what a hoosier is.
4. I love stuff.  Things that other people would usually throw away or over look, that stuff makes me.  Even my own old stuff--I could spend days looking through boxes of old things.  If you ever take me to a flea market, you better have all day.
5.  Pinkerton is Perfect.  Dog and album.  Nuff said.
6. "I feel like I've been asleep for most of my life" -Claire, Elizabethtown.  I think summer 08 was when my alarm clock went off, the 7 week break was when I hit the snooze button, and this past fall was when I layed in bed, turned on the lights, and finally shook of the blankets and awoke from the coma like slump I had been living if for the past years of my life.
7.  I love people really easily.  And I tell them.  I say it a lot, but i always mean it.  I'm really worried that when i am IN love with someone and try to tell them, they wont understand because I am sure I will have already told them "I Love You" multiple times.
8. I don't think I've been in love yet.
9. The mailbox is quickly becoming my best friend.
10.  One of the coolest things about libraries is the things you find in the books.  Not like facts, and stories, and knowledge but things.  Like news paper clippings and receipts and bits of cardboard and paper.  One mans trash is my treasures.
11.  I have a ton of cigar boxes.  I might not be at liberty to tell you how I got them--I got them empty though.  Don't get me kicked out of school.  I use them to keep things that are really important to me.  Like letters from my friends on missions, tithing, and head bands.  I think I might start one for things found in library books and on the ground.
12. I am terrified of the Tower of Terror.  Fitting huh?  When I went to disney land for thanksgiving 07 my sister and her friend talked me into going on it.  I asked the girl who was seating us if i was going to die.  Her responce?  "Someday, yes.  hopefully not tonight."  I also threw my gum down the elevator shaft because I was afraid i was going to choke on it.  I was hoping no body saw, but they did.
13.  I think people in general are really funny. Not like haha pwn the noob funny, but genuinely funny.  So many people are so clever and witty and hilarious if you stop to listen to them.  Especially little kids and african americans.
14.  I hope I find my place in the world before I have to leave it.  I don't know but big ambition and pro status procrastination seem like opposite forces to me.  Adding impulsion and short attention spans seem to be the ultimate K.O. There are so many things that I want to do and see and experience, and I honestly want to do them and am willing to make the sacrifices, I just forget I do a lot.  Like homework.
15.  The l.i.b. is the place to be.  This fall I learned just how lucky we are to have Public Libraries, Libraries on campus, and libraries in general.  I mean you can pretty much read any book you could ever dream of reading, and not have to pay a cent.  Call me cheep but I need to save my money for more important things, like taco bell and shoes.
16.  If reincarnation does exist, I hope I come back as Lil' Mama.
17.  I think Marshal "Eminem" Mathers is extremly talented and clever.  It's too bad he's also extremely perverted.
18. I stayed up for 42+ hours once.  I recomend trying it at least once.
19.  Sometimes I wonder if i need medication.  I took adderall when I was little and I'm not so sure they should have weaned me off of it so fast.  True: it's not very often, but sometimes things get into my brain and I can NOT shake them.  Aslo true:  It made me really weird and borderline zombie-esque.  I guess being slightly neurotic and paranoid is better than being a shell of my former self.
20. I haven't met many people I can't stand.   or even dislike for that matter, but when I do it's like, epic proportions.  I know it's my downfall, not theirs.  I'm working on it.
21. Amy Doll Marie Benkenstein was a precious blessing from above.  If anything living with me has prepared her to be a mother, and she is going to be the best mother ever if my judgement counts for anything.  She is caring, loving, domestic, and crafty.  A triple threat and a bonus jonas.  
22. I probably am a little bit legit crazy.  Like in the neurotransmitters sense... but it takes all types and at least I'm usually good for a story of a laugh--even if it is at my expense.
23. I just want to live.  Could Good Charlotte be any more truthful?  Being alive is necessary, but LIVING is  exceptional.
24.  You don't understand my people.  It took me a long time to get to where I am so please don't shake my little bit of earth I finally got under my feet.
25.  I really am a lucky girl.  I have pretty much everything I could have ever wanted and I am so grateful for it all.  Friends, family, house, job, dogs... I am seriously so blessed.

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Amy Doll said...

I love the 25 Things fad, too.
And I love you.
I wish you were here with me.