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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I was thinking the other day about education and how wonderful it is from a "life" point of view.  It is absolutely good to know things about the world you live.   Take time to learn about your country and your culture, then leave it all behind and travel to the four corners of the world and learn about theirs.  I am all for making the world your classroom, but I also believe that our intelligence enslaves us as well as liberates us.
Once we are educated, we no longer can believe that clouds are the left over smoke from fires all over the world, or that we can roast tree tops on sunsets like marshmallows.  The fire can no longer tan your skin.  Stars aren't just ideas that were never given a change to become anything and tiny people no longer live on my globe. 
When we are educated life looses its poetry and its magic.  
Stars are just balls of fire, trees are too far from the sunset to roast,  the light from a fire doesn't have the right kind of rays to tan you, and clouds are made up almost completely of water--not smoke.
It's good to be educated, but sometimes it kind of kills the A.R.T.

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