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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mt. Eyjafjallajokull

has had me thinking a LOT these past few days.  I would be eternally crushed if it's ash cloud didn't move from over the UK, but it's kind of made me realize that you can't always depend on other people and other things for happiness and personal growth, because sometimes they fall though.
I hope very much that things work out and I still get to go to Europe, because I have been looking forward to thins for a year--since the day I told my mom I feel trapped and then sat in Amy's house looking for travel abroad trips after her simple solution "go on a foreign travel studies tour".
Lately I can't function unless I know when the volcano is doing.  This is the latest:


Church was really good today.  Like REALLY good.  I got to sit by christina and Zach in sacrament meeting, and then sunday school and RS was all just combined but it was good.  i think I am going to like the ridge.

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