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Thursday, June 10, 2010


I know I like to play the victim card and pretend that I have had just the WORST friends ever in my life (it's true there have been some terrible ones).  However, it is also true that I have had some of the most AMAZING friends there could be for someone like me.  Ones that will stay up all night with me and then go watch the sunruse in porter park, ones that let me pull the car over to get out and look at the stars even if its freezing and its already close to 4 am and were in the middle of nowhere utah, ones that will look at picture after picture after picture of animals with me and not tell me they are bored, ones that can handle me when I get into my funks, ones that can handle me when I get crazy, ones that truely love me for ME.  I am not sure I would be the person I am today without them...

FIRST, there is Amy Doll Marie Benkenstein, and she is my best friend.
Her name says it all--she is a doll.
She is getting married very soon, and even though that means I have to share her with Jeff now I am glad to do it because I have never seen Amy this happy.
We met in a class out first semester.  I awkwardly broke th
e ice by telling her I liked the vans sticker on her notebook.  A few days later we went on our first bestie date, and pretty much have been BFFL ever since.  

NEXT is Maximilian Simnitt.  He is a very cute boy.
Communication with him is a little rough since he is on a mission right now, but he was my first example of a boy who cared
 about the church as much as he cared about having fun.  He cares just as much about fashion, music, and animals.
His favorite dog is a bulldog, he is in Hawaii right now, I don't write him as often as I should, and letters from him are a high point.
He gets home in five months.

Christine Leigh Fleming.
Dubbed "Beaner" by those who know her best after confusion over her race and ethnicity, she is one of the greatest examples to me I have ever had.  We fought a lot when we were younger, but I think that is pretty normal.  I am only here at BYU-I because of her and I am only going on a mission because of her.  She is the light that leads me without even trying to be.  
She is also on a mission right now, and will also be home in five months.
Five months from now will be an exciting
 time in my life.

Me and Cody met out first semester when we lived in the dorms together, we then lived together for two semesters in Colonial.  We have had some pretty good times and some good talks.  She is an example to me of strength and faith.

Monica was my first roommate in college.  Even though we were about as different as oil and water, we got along and had a lot of fun together.  She help me get over some issues I didn't even know I was having!  She was my first friend in college, as well as one of the first solid friends i have ever had.

There have been more, and more entries are bound to come later, I just feel like i need to express--even if it is just to the universe--how greatful i am for good friends.

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