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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Katherine Ann Fleming

I don't Know how to develop my own film.
I don't own an SLR camera.
...I don't even know if those are the right letters.
I'm not the center of attention.
I'm not funny to most people.
I'm SHY at first.
I second guess myself a lot.... but usually follow through anyways.
I am not an art major.
I don't know half the bands you talk about.
I don't spend my money on gas to get to utah and tickets to get into shows.
I probably don't use the right kind of paint for the projects I do.
I can't afford canvas so i paint on cardboard.
I'm not that creative--but i can mimic and mix and match.
I pay attention differently.
I never took art classes in college
I can't spell without spell check
I have never been in love
I have never been asked out
I am not the number one pick to hang out with on the weekend

But I know how to nurse a baby bird back to health and watch him fly away one day.
I know that it's okay to break up with friends.
I can quote all of A Knight's tale from memory. Including the words on the screen before the movie starts.
I can saddle a horse and put a bit in the right way.
I can clean their hooves so they don't get thrush.
I like Bright eyes and Ludacris.
I remember your favorite books and movies even when you forget mine
I know how to take care of a sick pony at the fair
I can stay up for 36 consecutive hours
I love con artists, but i don't play games with people's emotions
I've been hurt more that I have hurt
I avoid confrontation
I know I can get over it, but I dont know what other people's hang ups are

I'm pretty different than the people I have been friends with in the past, which usually results in me not being their number one, but I am okay with that now.  Most of the boys from my past aren't worth it anyways and a lot of my "friends" from the past are rude and inconsiderate of other people.
There's nothing wrong with me--there never was.
I have my own talents and they and theirs.

Sometimes you have to go thirty hours across the ocean to see who you are and figure out what kind of life you want to live.