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Monday, June 14, 2010

Like like like like like.

A few semesters back I realized I didn't have a declared Minor. I don't really understand clusters, non wanted to deal with figuring them out, so one day (quite on a whim) I walked into my advisory's class and declared English as my Minor. Since then life has become a rich swirl or books, writing classes, creative activities to teach proper technique and stretch me as a writer and sparknotes.
I have a love for poetry and a respect for people whom are well read and understand language. Language is pretty important I guess--it's kind of how anyone ever knows anything about us. Not even kind of, it is.
I have been successful i to avoid words like "dude", "gay", and "retarded". I've since learned some synonyms that easily remedied the situation, but there is one more parasite word that I can't shake.
Why is it so hard to use "LIKE" in the proper context? It's not that I don't understand where it belongs in a spoken sentance, but anytime by brain even slows down it goes right to "like like like like like."

Please slap me if i ever use like in a sentence other that a confirmation of something I have an interest in and "like", or when to things are similar or different like unto each other or not.

I'm not as dumb as i sound, i promise.

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