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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I just set them up to knock them down

A lot of new things are going to happen this week:
-i am going to be blond
-i am going to be 21
-i am going on my first cross country road trip without parents

It's kind of wild that I am almost 21, I am super excited for my birthday even though it's not going to be very wild--as far as 21st b-days go.....
Since starting my diet I have decided that I will eat treats only on the first of each month--that way I can celebrate my birthday, Canada day, new years and all the other major events the year brings. This being said my birthday is cupcake day!!! I also get to go see wicked in the cities with my parents and get a new license. ballin'

peace out twenty, we had some good times. You took me to Europe and helped me through some lows. You also let me realize there were a few times I smoked the whole rock: never again.

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monica said...

b. i have been off sweets/desserts for over a month now. its fabulous yet i get cravings for cupcakes every one and a while. that is really the only thing i have craved in the last month and a half.
c. 21 was an especially great year for me, i anticipate it being an especially great year for you too.
d. i have been craving a cross country roadtrip for a.long.time. jealous.