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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

in love with deep love.

but so so happy.

Finals week always means you have to deal with roughly 15 emotions in full power each day:
1. Joy that you got your first lit paper in.
2. Fear you wont have enough time to get the next one done.
3. Regret that you didn't start your other lit final project earlier.
4. Happy you get to see all of your friends on campus in one day.
5. Loved when people take time out of their day to walk over and say "Hi Katherine!  How are finals going?"
6. Grateful when they stay to hear your answer because they actually care.
7. Chatty when you run into a friend you haven't seen in a while in the Crossroads.
8. Loved again when friends send you texts like "I love you so much.  You don't know how much of a blessing you are in my life!"
9. Excited when you see cute boys who actually care about grades and are studying hard.
10. Lucky when your sister comes to sit by you for a bit.
11. Useful when you get to share your poptarts with Brooke.
and so on and so on....

Even though it is entirely wonderful to get so much done in a day and feel like an academic boss after a semester that was poorly started, it's still kind of exhausting!  I love being a student and I love learning, but I am about ready to be done with this semester.  It's been great and I am happy I stayed the winter in Idaho--but I am really to get the cuss out of here and have summer off to play and work and walk the dogs.

Last night I had the opportunity to go and see this Folk Opera that some students wrote.  that. some. students. wrote.  they wrote it.  students.
Okay.  super annoying--I know.
But if you were there you understand.

This opera was amazing!  The songs were all so good, the lyrics were powerful, the performers voices perfectly matched their roles.  It was such a fun night.
Everyone there dressed up in funeral attire to add to the ghostly theme of the Opera.

I originally wasn't really planning on going because I knew that I would be pretty busy with homework and I didn't have a ticket for it.  My friend Brooke told me I could get one at the door and that I should really try to go because it was going to be awesome--she knows the boys who wrote it.
The next day (yesterday--day of) my friend Heather asked me if i was going, and again told me to try really hard to make it and that it would be worth it.  I told her I didn't have a ticket and she said she thought she might have some extras so she would let me know but that I should really try and make it.  I decided that I really didn't have to do ALL my homework in one night so I decided to go.
I went home, got changed and when I went back to my phone I had a text from Brooke about it and a call from Heather telling me "Matt Hoffman got you on "the list" so you don't even need a ticket!"  I felt like a celebrity AND got to mark something off my bucket-list.

I went with my sister and Brooke and met up with Heather and a bunch of other people there.  Sure enough I was on the list and got to go up to the girl taking tickets and say "I'm Katherine Fleming" and get in.  Fo' free!
Mazel tov.

It was so so so good.  So good.  I was so thoroughly impressed.
I had a class today with Brooke and one with Heather and we were all

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