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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

when the time comes...

Living at BYU-I do means that I am in a perpetual whirlwind of proposals, rings, and wedding plans.  Last summer two of my best friends got married, and another one will go to the temple for time and all eternity this summer.  One of my roommates (and also a dear friend) goes to the temple with her man in two weeks!
Even though I know it wont be my turn for at least a couple more years, I've already started thinking about it (and maybe even planning) it in my head.  I don't feel too crazy about this because I know a lot of girls start planning theirs as much younger ages.
I just want it to be perfect.
After all you only get married once.

I know I want sunflowers.
I know I want my colors to be brown and goldenrod.
I know I want to release doves.
I know I want lights and candles everywhere.
I know I want it to be dreamy and magical.
I know I want an outdoor reception.
I know I do not want it in a cultural hall.

I found the most perfect wedding blog called Green Wedding Shoes and I've been completely in love ever since:

How perfect would any of these be?

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