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Friday, September 23, 2011

Empty the Pack and Watch Your Wings Grow Back.

As a person, I think it is important to always try to grow and mature and increase our education.  I also believe that there is beauty and light in tons of unexpected places and that inspiration is everywhere.  When you are in tune with yourself and in tune with the spirit you are able to see it and learn from passing thoughts, daily interactins, and songs.
I had heard about Atmosphere before, but never really listened to their stuff until I started hanging out with people that played them a lot in their car.  The first time i heard Get Fly I really liked it--espically the line "empty the pack and watch your wings grow back".  What I think is no interesting about music (and art in general) is that someone can take an expirence that meant a lot to them and create something centered around it and then share it with other people and somehow the people they share it with can get something out of it that means something to them.  The new reson that the new people make could have nothing to do with the original meaning that the creator had while creating but I think that that also all ties back into this constant state of evolution and progress that we are striving for.

An example:  those lyrics "empty the pack and watch your wings grow back".  I will never know exactly what Slug meant when he wrote that.  It could be pretty literal: maybe he is trying to stop smoking and he brokw down and bought a new pack.  Maybe he is trying to recommit himself to his goal and cick the habiot after this pack.  That would surely give him his wings back and let him fly again if he could finally break out of the addiction.... even the work WINGS gives you hope for flight without even having to say it.  Oack also tends to conotate bad things, like cigarettes and beers as opposed to a work like box or shelf where you could really store anything.

For me, I like to apply it in a similar process but with different facts.  To me it more is just about getting rid of the things that hold you down and trying agaion to align yourself with the Lord and be all he made you to be.  With the Lord on your side you can reach great heights.

All of this really hit home today when I was running and this song came up on my playlist.  It was getting to the end of the run where I hit about a half mile up hit chunk and it can get hard and easy to give up.  The song came to an end and I wasn't quite up the hill yet so I started it over and felt the same high at the farmiliar words that carried me up the hill and to my goal....
no matter how many times i go back and hit repeat and listen to the song the words will never change.  That is how it was recorded and that is how it is going to stay until the end of time.  It;s the exact same with the scriptures, the way they were recorded is never going to change and you're ability to recieve comfort and love from them is never going to change either.

Just some jumbled thoughts... but it's something to think about.

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