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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

time to retire the victim card...

There have been some heavy things in my life--just like anyone's.  In the past I've been so quick to predict the future based on the past and put way to much energy into my black holes and just let it get eaten up.
I am starting to discover that I've had a pretty immature attitude about some unfortunate situations in the past, and that only leads to misconceptions about the future.

I am going to eliminate the following words from my vocabulary:
-scared/afraid/nervous/anything to do with fear
-starting sentences with soooooo....
-unnecessary/incorrect use of the word Like
-"weak words" like 'maybe' or 'we should_____ sometime' or 'i think' or 'kind of'

life is real and it comes fast.  I'm starting to understand that you just have to stand up and take it in stride and be assertive and know where you stand and who you are. 

fear makes the wolf look bigger.

If my wolves are going to fight dirty, so am I.  gloves off.

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