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Saturday, November 29, 2008

I love spam and reese's. Can i have it?

What movie?

Can i just say...
i hate buying food in  airports.
hate it
hate it
hate it
hate it
hate it
I payed $11.48 for the same damn pizza and breadstick combo I can get for less than 5 bones back home at taco hut. thats more than a 100% increase in price.  Thank you American Airways.
So, after a 3 and a half hour flight--more of a nap--a two hour wait in the airport, another hour and a half on a plane, and one hour waiting for my sister in the airport, my pilgrimage back to the holy land was over.  I called us a cab for me and christine, and we went to the hotel where we got this beautiful surprise: "I'm sorry ma'am but the hotel room you reserved isn't available so we upgraded you to a suite."  
Free of charge.  
Complete with ACT II butter popcorn and a bathroom--with three doors.  
Score one.
We switched to at&t today, and I got a ballin new phone.
 and rid of all ties to T-Mobile... 
in one day.  
Score two.
I caught up with an old friend. 
And might hang out with them when i get back to rexburg.
Score three.
i mean it.  score.

These are the things i already miss from Minnesota:
1.  Pinkerton
2. Charlotte
3.  Bubbles the hot tub.
4. The Family
5. Flabby
6. My own bed, or at least Christine's.
7.  Home cookin, and not having to live off cereal and rice and taco bell.

So now I'm in Utard with my sister for the night and we are watching 50 first dates on the TV.  

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benkeamy said...

The movie is 50 First Dates.