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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Idaho, here i come.

thanks to Kanye's Workout plan
I'm the envy of all my friends
see, I pulled me a baller then
and I dont have to work at the Mall again.

the 7 things I hate about being 19, a girl, and at BYU
-Your friends are all wither 18 or 23+
-Having to say bye to a friend at least every other month for two years.
-You can either date preemies, and look desperate or date boys fresh off the mish under severe pressure to get married.
-missing Maximilian
-missing Taylor
-missing Dallin
-knowing Preston is leaving too really soon

The 7 things I like about it
-Writing your friends on their missions
-not really having to worry about dating
-being a good influence in their lives
-being at BYU-Idaho, in glorious Rexburg Idaho; America's Family Community
-Break the fasts
-the spirit of ricks

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