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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So Listen...

Coming home is always really weird, I can't imagine how weird it is for missionaries to come home after serving for two years.  
I always love going into zumiez and talking to james for the first time after coming back.  This time i got to go in to give him ben's computer charger to give back to ben when he came into work that night.  Not that hard.
"Hey!  I havent seen you in forever!"
"Yea, I'm just home for thanksgiving... say, boy. can you give this to ben when he comes in?"
...james looks at the clock "Hewon't be here for about a half an hour."
"I know, can you just give it to him when he gets here?"
"Sure.... what it is for?"
"It's a computer charger.... i have a huge A project due when i get back, and i left mine in Idaho."
"Oh cool. "
...."well, see ya"
James is lucky he's so cute....
so blessed.
Basicly home has provided me with two things.
1. Bubbles, our lovely hot tub.
2.  a ballin' oversized long sleeve tee shirt from my faja.
Idaho never seems that far away, ever.  Not even when you drive it.  I think it's crazy that I'm 19 and i live in two places, half way across the country from each-other.
I wrote Maxamilian and mailed it off yesterday.  I really wanted im to get a letter his first day or two in the MTC, but im not that organized.  The only thing my mom said about Max was his name is Maximilian?  Why?  That's a mexican name.
I miss Maximilian.  A lot.  Even though he is off track and if he had not gone on a mission I wouldnt have seen him till next summer, just knowing that he is going on a mission makes him seem so much further away from me.  Like on the moon or something.  and he might as well be on the moon for two years.
The crazy thing is i am planning on transferring to BYU Hawaii next year, and what if I see him? I can't hug him or anything.... But Max never really hugged.  he shook your hand.

Currently abby is growling at me because I am using her as a pillow, but it was her idea to lay right where my head needs to go..... I'm just waiting for her to attack.

I love abby... I wished she loved me back, or at least tolerated me.

We have ben told to give a prayer of nothing but thanks, especially during this time of thanksgiving.
I try to give thanks prayers at night and only ask for things in the morning, for the coming day.... but i often forget to say my pray in the morning which leaves me in a pickle if i even need anything.

anyway I though I would make a list of all the things i am thankful and love here so when i forget to pray about them they still are counted somewheres.

I Love 
-Charlotte and Pinkerton, Individually and collectively.
-Zuzu and boomer.
-Flabby, Cash, Cricket, and all the of hamsters, birds, rabbits, fish, lizards, snakes, turtles..... ect. that I have had.
-Bert's Bees Lip Chap
-African American's
-Native American's, and the clothing they have contributed to the Indie culture
-The Simnitt boys
-Taylor Syddall
-Makana Hansen, Preston Trebas, Amy Doll Marie Benkenstein, Kaiter Tot Kiyoko Conard, Tori Lynn Dickson, Mikyla Powell, Beaner, My parents, My grandparents, Melissa House, All of the House Sisters, Collin James Sandoe,  Claire Rose McIntire, Xin, Monica Fix, Cody Skroski... and everyone else I am forgetting.  Sorry.
-Nalgene bottles
-Rob and Big, Chris Brown (r and f), Conor Oberst, Heath Ledger (rip lovely), Shaun White, Rivers Cuomo.
-Weezer, Bright eyes, Modest Mouse and Good Charlotte.  Those are the major ones.
-Music in general, for all it has taught me, all it has done for me, and all the times it was there for me.
-Being 19 at BYU-Idaho
-sarcasm... as long as it is not directed at one person in particular.  then it becomes bullying or  hate speech.
-BYU(Idaho Utah and Hawaii)
-Minnesota, Idaho, The East Coast.
I Am Thankful For
-Friends, Family, and People in general
-Little kids being crazy
-Stray Animals, so i can still hold a cat at school.
-food, clothing, shelter, water.
-whoever invented those little thins you shake into water bottles to make lemonade.
-Milk, lemonade, propel, Orange Juice, Water, Haterade, and other drinks so I dont have to drink soda.
-Pie, cake, cookies, candy, bars, desserts in general, and treats.
-sandwitches, pasta, and bread.
-Taco bell, chipotle, and sushi.
-The world at Large, El scorcho, Jaded, and From a Balance beam.
-The church and all the things I know becuase of it.
-Roommates that don't come home wasted and throw up on me.
-Nail polish remover
-Guitars, pianos, banjos, hards, clarinets, cellos, violins, harpsichords, Trumpets, drums, synth pads and beat machines.
-non coin-op laundry machines.
-quarters, for coin op machines.
-air drying
-Chemistry, math, science, and english
-art, poetry, drawing, painting, markers, crayons, unlined paper and paint.
-coloring books for teaching me how to stay in the lines
-hidden messages because no one is going to read this.
I Want to make a difference
-Love a little more
-Criticize a little less
-Look at a few more sunrises and forget about the sunsets
-love others a little more and you a little less
-help someone you don't know
-let yourself go a little more often.
-Be on time to class, so you can take the long way, and see more of your friends.
-give away your time, it means more than any material possession you could donate.
-Ride your bike when you can, nature is beautiful
-go for a walk with your friends.... don't talk, just walk.

Thats about it.  I guess I'm  little bit of a dreamer, maybe a little hippie, a lot lover, and little  hater.  I try not to stop you from doing your thang, just please let me do mine.


benkeamy said...

Girl, I read all of this!
I miss you. Come back.
The only people I see are Tori, Zach, Tom, and Ford.

benkeamy said...

Ohh...and I'm sarcastic toward just Zach or Tom.
Is that still hate speech?

Mikyla is... AMAZING! said...

You have been so good to me!! ahh this made my day!! I randomly like to search myself on google. funny i know? haha but yes i am glad you love me!! cause i love you too!!