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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tori Lynn has had the opportunity to do this really cool project for her photo class for the past two weeks: she takes a picture everyday and posts it on her blog with a short description. I wish I could have had this project because the picture I have for today would take the cake in any competition hands down--sorry Tori, your pictures are great--minus the creeper christmas decoration one--but just bear with me, read the story, and look at it.
I flew in from SLC last night and got in at about 5:00 my time. After going to look at a new dog, my parents took me to Olive Garden to eat. It was really good and i ate almost all of my food and about seven bread sticks. We went home and sat in bubbles, our new hot tub, until we got too hot and then we went back inside. After showering and playing with the huas we went to bed.Today was church, I kind of hate going to my home ward for the first week I am home from school, because everyone acts like I'm back from the dead--it's just really annoying. I have to stand up and introduce myself like I'm some visitor or something. I grew up in that ward, I've been there longer than most people in it. "Oh, what are you doing home? Are you here for a while?" I'm always tempted to tell them i dropped out of college, but lying isn't good so i just explaine to everybody in the congregation that "I'm only home for thanksgiving right now, then i go back fro two weeks." The really awesome part is that I'm going to get to go through it all again in two weeks.
whoop whoooooop.
Here is where the story starts: I was making dinner when I heard it--It sounded like a hamster running in a wheel, but we don't have any hamsters anymore. I looked at the light fixture above the sink and saw it's little furry leg and foot sticking out. "MOM!" I yelled. "Mom! There is a mouse in the light!!" WHAT!? She shrieked."I see it's little leg stickin' out!"...Then it moved and i saw more than it's little leg.... I saw it's little wing."...No, It's a bat."
My mom was not happy.
"What do we do? what do we do? how do i get it? how do i turn the light off?! it's going to fry... what do I do!?" There were about a million things running through my mind. I didn't want it to bite me... I didn't want it to fall and get hurt. I didn't want the dogs or Abby to get it...After trying a few things this is what it came down to.i put my hood up and some gloves on. We took the screen off the window by the sink and using that as a shield. I unscrewed the light and took it out. Little Stellaluna stayed put though and i didn't really want to touch her...."Stellaluna you need to come down" I told her... but put she stayed.
I got some tongs and pulled her out into a bucket and dumped her out the window. Then we realized that it was really late for a bat to still be out in the winter and were worried that she was sick because she wasn't hibernating yet. I also wanted to see her so i went outside and she was just crawling around like a baby. I felt bad and was really worried so my mom said we could catch her and call Quarry Hill.After getting chirped at and chasing her down, we caught her in a sherbet bucket and poked some holes in the top, called a friend who worked at the nature center(Quarry Hill), and found out that bat's can only fly from trees. They cannot take off from the ground. So we took her out and dumped her by the pine tree in out backyard.She was really ungrateful and opened her little vampire mouth at us and beared her little Edward fangs....
I could have let Abby have you princess...


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