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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Michael Vick Dogs

There is a special on TV tonight about the Michael Vick dogs that were rescued from his dog hell--okay first of all, he named his operation "Bad Newz Kennel".   A z?  Honestly?  Are you a 13 year old girl?
I think that people who use animals for their own personal pleasure, slaves, and entertainment are the lowest of low.  For real, betting on dogs who are abused, terrified, and trained to kill each other.  It doesn't get much lower...  I can't see why anyone would want to participate in that.  And someone running it... doesn't deserve to be alive anymore.
Seeing the ways these dogs act now around people and other dogs makes me want to cry, and seeing the way they were treated before they got rescued makes me sick to my stomach.  
There is so reason people should ever treat animals like that.
They were beaten and abused their entire lives, the ones that were nice and wouldn't fight were either used as bait dogs to train the aggressive ones to fight, or killed by being shot, hanged, electrocuted or beaten against the ground.

He should be locked up for life and go to hell.


Q. Patrick Merrill said...

Ok, I'm not standing up for Michael Vick or anything, but he got a worse punishment than some people who kill people.
I'm not saying you're in the wrong for condemning him, I'm just saying that it's interesting that some people are crying for him to be executed, but then cry for "the rights" of people who rape little children and then torture them to death.
We use up ridiculous amounts of taxpayer money so that mass murderers can appeal their sentences endlessly, and people still protest the death penalty.
I'm not questioning your judgment or picking a side, I'm just saying that I think the legal system is messed up.

Taffrine! said...

i think anyone who abuses or hurts another living thing like that--people, animals, babies... whatever--deserves to be locked up for life.
I just really don't like politics or the government--I also really don't understand it at all so i just try to not think about it. It only leads to fights.
I just feel like people always have someone who's go their back.

Animals can't stand up for themselves so I just like to think that this at least counts for something. I care.