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Monday, December 8, 2008

the storm is upon us.

Today I had to go in and get my second round of rabies shots, at least it was only one tonight, and it was hot pink.  The nurse was really funny and asked me if I had learned my lesson yet or if i still planned on playing with bats.
After that me and christine went to Sam's club in Idaho Falls to get the flat tire on pinky fixed so that we could go to storage tomorrow and get done the things we need to for the end of the semester.  We drove to sam's on the donut and had to wait for almost 3 hours while they fixed it--it really wants that bad though because we just slept on the couches there.  
On the way home we were driving along and all the sudden the car started shaking really bad so I pulled it over.... and the tire had blown--again.
It was really funny,
so, after calling AAA and waiting for another hour we finally just had the donut put back on, said a prayer, and drove it home.
We made it!
I'll just deal with it tomorrow after class.  Good thing I'm done at one!

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