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Sunday, December 21, 2008

welcome back to home ward!

Going back to your home ward the first week back is the most stressful thing ever--to make it even better:  this was my second week back. 
SIDENOTE: we sang easter songs today.
I sat by the missionaries in sunday school though and shared my m&ms with them.  One is from Idaho Falls and one is from SLC.  After class they asked me if I want to go with them to teach some girls that are investigating the church.  I said YES!

After church I came home and took a coma on the couch, then decorated the tree. 
Thats about it.  Tomorrow I'm going to go to the post office and mail some thangs.



Amy Doll said...

I don't even know if my home ward has missionaries right now.
I remember my dad saying something about there being a shortage of missionaries or something and we have to share our missionaries with another ward.

Taffrine! said...

maybe preston will come to indiana the!