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Friday, January 2, 2009


First of all there is all the obvious stuff,
like one day getting married
having a family
I guess eventually learning to change diapers and deal with vomit.
But, aside from all of that, there are the things I want to do for me, for my community, and for the world.
-I want to have a friend in all 50 states so I always have somewhere to stay.
-I want to go to greece, australia, london, italy, india, japan, canada, new zealand, south america, and africa.
-I want to die happy, fulfilled and accomplished.
-I want to read the book of mormon while i am home winter 09.
-I want to learn about the planets.
-I want to make a cd, write a book, and produce a short film.
-Go on a mission trip
-go to seattle, portland, boston, NYC, hollywood, vegas, and omaha


Myke said...

The planets are sooo legit! My favorite is Jupiter. It has the raddest moons. Venus is pretty gnarly too.

QPFM said...

If you were to put all the planets in a giant bath tub, Saturn is the only one that would float.
It's true, look it up.

Thome said...

I think that I am at roughly 27 states and four foreign countries that I have places to stay.