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Friday, January 2, 2009

Can I get you anything else... the heimlic?

was one of the many questions my family was asked today, and I would have laughed if I wasn't choking.  It was only ice, so i didn't need the heimlic--I just had to wait for it to melt a little.
Regardless it was still really scary.  At this rate it really wont even matter if im stil in rexburg when max gets home because I'll be dead.
Anyways, this is what happened:  We sat down to eat and were ordering our food and drinks.  Ice waters all around, pasta for me, pizza for christine, meatloaf for dad and roast beef for my mom.  The drinks came out, and this is where my near death experience  happened.  The drinks did not have straws, which was the downfall.  Instead of picking it up to drink it I just sipped it out of the top, with it still on the table.  That worked untill the water level got too low, and i started slurping.
"Did you blow your nose into your drink?"  my mother said horrified.
"No!  I just cant reach the water anymore"  I said.
"Oh, well drink it from the other side, with your bottom lip on the backside."  was her solution.
I was skeptical, but it worked--a lot better than i expected.  That is why i sucked water into my lungs and lodged an ice cube in my throat at the precise time that our waiter arrived with our food.  At this point i couldn't even breath and was about two seconds from throwing up the two buckets of pop corn I had just eaten at the movie theater. 
When i was gasping for breath and gaging, that was when the waiter finally asked if i was okay and if i needed help.

I really need my own show on MTV. 


Amy Doll said...

I wish I could have been there for your near death experience!

Taffrine! said...

it was really funny. I wish you could have been there too.