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Monday, February 15, 2010

The lights are on; I'm awake

So, maybe I do want my life to be like an indie movie... I think it's because I want to be alive and free like the characters in them--and I don't think thats always a  bad thing.  I'm not reckless with other peoples hearts (I know this because I'm the one who gets hurt every-time).  I try hard not to do things that affect other people, unless it lifts them up.  I try to be true to myself, but we all fall short at times and in different areas.  Thats why we have friends--to hold us up where we are weak.


I have recently been reminded of just how much I LOVE light.  First of all light is symbolic of good things, which is rad, but i love physical light even more.
And mainly three kinds of lights:  
head lights/tail lights, skylines, and stars.

The coolest thing to me is that these are all big collections of smaller, single lights... and each individual light has it's own story, but then together all the stories come together and make up our cities and our life's and our cultures and... everything. 
The headlights all file down the streets in a organized line into the skylines.   From there they all disperse to their own homes and appointments and stories, and the stars watch it all.

-If it's a clear night, pull over, get out of your car, and look at the stars.  Then remember everything good in your life and remember sometimes it's okay to just enjoy the ride.
-If you are driving and see something you want to get closer to.  Stop, pull over, and go look at it.  Maybe even pick a flower for your journal.
-Night is the best time of day becasue it's when all the lights come on and all the dreams come out.

basically I can sum it all up to this:  If you are curious, go explore.  Louis and Clark that because that's how we learn about the world we live in and how we grow to be ready to take it all in stride.

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Anonymous said...

A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour..............................................