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Sunday, February 14, 2010


This weekend I was lucky enough to come down to Utah with my friend Cody.  Her ride bailed on her last minute, and I needed a great escape, so I offered to drive her down if she would put me up while we were there--great trade off.  Everything about this trip so far has been infinite, and we still have today and as much of monday as we want to invest.  
We did sleep through church though, which i feel bad about.
Friday after classes we drove down to Logan, and got in at about 8 or 9 o'clock.  The drive was easy and fun.  Good music, good people, good time.  We didn't know much about our plans for the evening other than the fact that we were going to a dance party and when it's dance and party, I am always in.  When we got to her aunt's house I started talking to her cousin about Minnesota because he served his mission there and we pretty quickly made a list of other missionaries we both knew, and as it happened, we were going to Elder Benson's for this party.  wild.
Let me try to paint a picture as well as i can:
Roll up to the cutest college kid house ever (with a working mail flap on the front wall) and walk into the home of a boy I knew as a missionary.  In the corner there is a storage bin that is being used as a punch pool.  The deejay is great--editing is priceless.  Fun kids, and great music.  I haven't just gotten to dance since summer 08.
So that was already a great weekend, but it doesnt stop there.
After a severe night's rest on the floor of Cody's aunt's house we got ready for the day and headed into Ogden Utah for Winterfest 2010.
"okay a.  I now feel MUCH better about myself, b.  this is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever done, and c.  this is fun so lets enjoy the ride." nuff said.
After that we went down to SLC for the night and it was a dream.  I saw the Joseph Smith film, and Sister Morris, and the temple all in one night.  I also got to see Brent and hang out with Brady and Tori and Jack and Griff for a little bit in SLC.
After that Me and cody just took some time to explore SLC before going back home to Logan for the night.


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