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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Facts are These...

  1. I am going to be up all night
  2. It's freezing in here
  3. I am having the worst time trying to write this paper about Heathcliff
  4. I just want to go look at the stars and not worry about papers about Heathcliff
  5. I miss minnesota
  6. I am almost 21
  7. I want a volcano burrito
  8. my cell phone's battery lasts about half a day now
  9. I miss europe
  10. I miss pinkerton
  11. I miss my sister and my friends on missions
  12. I never hang out with people anymore
  13. I spend all my time reading
  14. I usually like it
  15. I spend more time in the library than i do at home most days
  16. I am excited we are on a poetry unit in Creative Writting
  17. The semester is almost over
  18. It's crunch time
  19. I want chocolate
  20. I want a dog at school
  21. I want letters!
  22. I want to travel more
  23. I want to join the Peace Corps
  24. I want to go on a mission
  25. I want to be done with school
  26. I never want to be done with school
  27. I want to learn to sing
  28. I want to learn to paint
  29. I want to live in LDN
  30. I want to live in Rome
  31. I want to live in Boston
  32. I want to live in Paris
  33. I want to live in California
  34. I want to go to outer space
  35. I still miss Zuzu
  36. I still miss Boomer
  37. I still miss fluffy
  38. I still almost cry if I think about it too long
  39. And Ringo
  40. I want Max back


aHighFiveFantasticTime said...

I miss Minnesota, too. :(

monica said...

when i live in have total permission to crash at my place and then fly all around europe.