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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

lost my marbles...

I have good memories kept on my marbles,
good advice, and passages read.
I organized them by relevance,
And kept them up in my head.

Then one day a stranger came,
And I fancied him straight away.
But as it turned out he wasn’t what I thought,
He was rather dull and grey.

I, however, had already thought,
How I would love to be with him.
And even though I knew he was not
The one the feelings set in.

And now my marbles are all askew,
And falling out of my head.
I can’t seem to find a sensible one
So all I can do is dread.

I chased the "smart" one as far as I could
But it slipped under the fridge.
I guess that’s why I just can’t seem
To help myself and burn a bridge.

The funny ones are not much use,
When jokes can’t make me laugh.
And I’m ashamed to admit
I’ve cried on his behalf.

Tears flowed from my aching eye,
In rivers to the floor.
As I slowly watched my marbles all
Rolling out the door.

Maybe someone who needs them more
Than I will take them home,
And use them for a moment
Till they too are left alone.

And on and on my marbles go,
helping those in need,
Till at last we are all free
--that is my only plead.

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