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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


7 or 8 months behind all my friends--like always--I am finally 21 (and not looking forward to my new license with a new and heinous picture)...
I haven't gone to bed yet so I haven't gotten to wake up on my birthday morning yet, but I am predicting I won't feel any different when I do. My mom did clean off Christine's bed though so I can wake up on my birthday in a bed instead of on a couch.

I also get to eat sweets and bake cupcakes all day long with my mama and Mandie. AND I get to go visit a lady in our wards chickens and maybe even get a shiny new purple phone. (There were no pink ones).

There's really nothing I want for my birthday and my parents have helped me out so much with school and my eurotrip this past year I don't really need anything else.

We are however going to the cities tomorrow to eat some fancy food and see wicked.

Mexican food.

what more do I need on my birffday?

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