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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Buried Life

Bucket lists are something I have been rather fascinated with ever since I first heard about them a few years back.  I've made several, crossed out a few items, and added more as life has progressed.
Today after cleaning my room, doing some homework, and trying to get settled into a new semester I decided to watch THE BURIED LIFE on my computer and take a little break from mundane things.
I've been thinking a lot lately about everything that I have done in the last year, and where I was in my life a year ago.  So much has changed and happened and it has really made me think a lot about where else my life will take me and what else there is in the years to come.

That being said, here is my official BUCKET LIST.

  1. serve a mission for the church.
  2. get married in the temple.
  3. visit all 50 states.
  4. graduate from college.
  5. be homeless for a summer on a beach in Hawaii.
  6. sleep under the stars.  No tent.
  7. Learn to drive stick
  8. get in fierce shape.
  9. be published.
  10. join the peace corpus.
  11. make a record.
  12. ride an elephant in india.
  13. land a 360.
  14. land a 180.
  15. learn to drop in on a skateboard.
  16. go to a karaoke bar.
  17. return to rome.
  18. run a 5k.
  19. break a world record.
  20. adopt a dog.
  21. live in boston.
  22. live in europe.
  23. get more heavily into creating art: painting, drawing, music, poetry...
  24. festival of holi. round two
  25. sundance film festival
  26. mexico
  27. australia
  28. india
  29. new zealand
  30. walk across the golden gate bridge
  31. backpack through europe
  32. learn to do a cartwheel
  33. fly a plane
  34. learn to surf
  35. fall in love
  36. see the pyramids
  37. see the leaning tower of pisa
  38. see the phantom of the opera
  39. DJ in a club/at a party
  40. learn to do a back hand spring
  41. scuba dive
  42. ride in a hot air balloon
  43. watch a sunset/sunrise in all 50 states

the things that I have successfully accomplished so far:
  1. ... on campus 
  2. be blonde.
  3. write and preform a song.
  4. keep curfew.
  5. festival of holi.
  6. italy
  7. london 
  8. france
  9. ride a segway
  10. ghost ride the whip
  11. crepes in france
  12. gilatto in italy
  13. learn to wakeboard


*Miss ChRiStInA* said...

Sleeping under the stars no tent is my FAVORITE! Something I always wanted to do was go on that grassy area w/a few of the temple and sleep there one night-you probably wouldn't see a ton of stars but I always thought it might be cool!

christineleigh said...

i approve this message.