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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Semester Mottos.

Starting with summer '08--my first summer in Rexburg, as well as my first semester living with Amy Doll--I have given each semester of school a motto to serve as a theme to try to live up to.  Although they are usually just as silly as they are serious, the tradition seems to have stuck.

I don't really know what it is that caused obsession with organization and direction to manifest itsself in this way when there is no physical (or even theoretical) evidence of organization or direction anywhere else in my life, but semester mottos have helped me stay on track, keep my head on straight, and push myself out of my comfort zone--which is apparently the only way we are even going to grow.

Last semester's motto was "Be Your Own Hero"--taken from Whip It!. Things last semester started off really well for me on my quest to be my own hero, and then kind of ended in a crash landing coming from a downward spiral--but hey, at least I stuck the landing. The truth is, you're going to fall.  You just have to be ready to run like hell when you hit the ground.  So, true to form, I hit the ground pretty hard after a series of unexpected events that transpired somewhere between Utah and Idaho and Thanksgiving and Finals.  

That being said, I think that the motto "Be Your Own Hero" is going to be carried over into this semester, and added to the already established motto for winter 2011 "Back To The Basics."

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