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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Life for Art's Sake.

I try to keep something with me at all times to write down thoughts as they come to me.  I figure if life and the Lord are going to take time to put them into my head, I should take time to write them down.  This usually resulted in me carrying around more non-school things than school things in my backpack and was starting to get a little out of hand when I finally downsized and bought a baby notebook I can fit in my back pocket with a pen jammed into the spiral.
I was really good at writing in it the last week of school, then it got boxed up, I moved home, and I kinda forgot about it.

The first week of my summer was l.a.z.y.  I walked Franklin, ran, cleaned a little and mostly bummed around the house and watched Heroes around the clock on NetFlix.
I am fully addicted and obsessed.
However, right as I was about to overdo it and O.D. on that show, Jonathan called me to ask if i was back in Rochester yet.  I told him yes and the next night we rode bikes around down town and caught up.
We've been hanging out a lot since then.
Even more recently than that, I finally unburied my little baby notebook and was reading through some old stuff and came across this treasure:

"Life for Art's Sake."  This quote by Oscar Wilde perfectly sums up what I want this summer to be: one of the one's that I look back and say "That summer made me who I am today".  It's time to grow up and actually do something with all the plans in my head.

So far this summer I have established my Artist name, started painting again, read when I had time, and started working on my wonderland room.
A weekend of art projects have made my room pretty sloppy, but progress has none the less been made.

As for my art, I've decided to work in all black, white and pink so that people know I am a girl.
I've decided if I am going to make it in the street art/urban art world I want people to know CALF is a girl--I feel like girls get overlooked in that genre a lot.

My summer so far:

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