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Friday, April 1, 2011


This weekend me and my sister, Christine, are going down to Utah for General Conference.  This is only the second time that I will have actually gone to sessions--and I am so excited. General Conference is so so wonderful!  We get to hear from our prophet and gather as members of the church and get guidance and revelation that is directed specifically to us in this time.
It always rains conference weekend, and there are always about five beggars/hobos on the corners trying to get some cash money from all of the Mormons pooring into the Conference Center.
There are also about 3 people on each corner trying to save us and telling us we are all going to hell. 
To each their own though, I know they are just doing what they think is right.
They really are trying to save us.

SLC is such a rad town.
I am excited to spend some time there before finals start up in full swing. 

Although I still don't think I want to permanently settle down and raise my family out west in the Idaho/Utah region, I would fully love living in SLC/Provo while I am young and single or newly married.
My dream is to live out east in the greater Boston/D.C. area.

My grandmother and her husband (my step-grandfather??) are currently serving as full time missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ in the family history center on Temple Square.
They get to live right by the temple!
So Jealous.
The Salt Lake temple is my favorite temple.

My dad was originally going to take me to Park City to go snowboarding saturday after the morning session of conference, but now I have so much homework to do--and want to be able to visit friends--so I don't think that is going to work out anymore.

I can't believe we only have one week of school left!
I can't believe i am about to complete and submit mission papers!
I can't believe that i am 21.

My life is so good right now.
And I am thoroughly loving being Katherine Ann Fleming.


m. findeis said...

AH! I also dream of living in the boston/d.c area!

Taff said...

isn't it dreamy over there??