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Friday, April 1, 2011

thank you.

Dear SLC,
Thank you for being something to look forward to between the two craziest weeks of the semester.

Dear Mr. Sunshine,
Thank you for coming out to see the world today.  I knew you would love it.

Dear Pinky,
Thank you for being such a darling car and for putting up with me and Christine for so many years.  Let's make this trip to SLC really great!

Dear Sister,
I am so excited to go to SLC with you this weekend.

Dear Parents,
I am so excited to see you this weekend.

Dear Homework,
Thank you for helping me learn and grow.  I know we have our fights, but I really do enjoy your company.

Dear Cell Phone,
Thank you for letting me talk to all of my wonderful friends any time i want.  You really help my time with Homework be more bearable (please don't tell Homework I feel that way).

Dear Peek-A-Poohs,
You always make me smile.  Every time someone sees me with Cell Phone and asks about you I am excited to introduce you.

Dear Baby Back Pack,
Thank you for always carting my books around and never complaining when I stuff you way more full that you should be.

Dear David O. McKay Library,
Thank you for being constant no matter how crazy life outside you gets.

Dear Laptop,
Thank you for keeping track of everything for me--we all know how organized I am...

Dear Alarm Clock,
Thank you for waking me up each morning so I can get all of the things done I need to each day.

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