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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Home sweet home.

Land of Lakes, Love, and Loons.

I miss a lot of things from back home...              
I miss Collin James Sandoe
I miss Claire Rose McIntire
I miss Xin
I miss my mom
I miss my dad
I miss Abby
I miss Pinkerton
I miss Charlotte
I miss Zuzu.
I miss my house
I miss Bubbles
I miss bats in my kitchen

I Love Minnesota...
I Love the cabins
I love the Widlife
I love loons
I love nature
I love watching the night Sky at my cabin.
I love my family, my house, my yard.
I love bubbles
I love my friends and the people I know
I love duluth
I love downtown rochester

Land of Learning, Latter Day Saints, and Logic.
I love a lot of things in Idaho...
I love Idaho sunsets
I love the spirit of ricks
I love the watching hot rod
... I love hot rod.
I love the mountains
I love the weather
I love get winded when I go up stairs too fast
I love calling my teachers Brother or Sister  

Im going to miss Idaho...
sunsets are not as majestic in MN
It's harder to be good back home
Hot Rod is still cute in MN.
Minnesota is flat flat flat
MN has plenty of oxygen
I don't go to school in MN

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